Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Looked at Life from Both Sides Now

The Holocaust was discrimination, harassment and eventual liquidation of European Jews by Nazi Germany and it's allies.

The Nazi called this organized murderous policy as 'The Final Solution'.

The Nazis also believed in the chosen race and racial theories that made them superior to everyone else, especially the Jews and Gypsies.

Others eliminated included homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Free Masons, physically and mentally handicapped people, socialists and dissidents.

Out of the nine million Jews from twenty-one European countries, six million were killed in the Holocaust.

Nazis established a total of thirty-nine concentration camps.

Infants, young children, old people and the infirm were all usually gassed had to face hard labour, starvation, exposure, brutality and disease.

Nearly 1.5 million Jews died in Auschwitz alone.

After the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, Jews in those territories were rounded up and killed they were also marched to wooded ravines in the outskirts of towns, forced to dig ditches and then made them undress before being shot, falling in the open grave on top of one another.

The camps were also notorious for using inmates as guinea pigs to carry on horrific experiments, sterilization and castration. Children were experimented on by the 'Angel of Death', Dr. Josef Mengele.

Many individuals and groups in Germany and the occupied countries, did everything they could, at considerable personal risk, to help save the Jews and other people from the Nazis. The number of collaborators, unfortunately, were higher.

Many Nazis were hanged for their crimes. Criminals today on the other hand, are getting away with their war crimes. The Holocaust stands out for it frightening rationality and efficiency in systematically killing people, but, when you look at events in Palestine, Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems nothing has been learned about respecting human rights and human lives.

I urge you to investigate for yourself Gaza's reality, share information about what is really happening in Gaza with your friends and colleagues and let them decide for themselves if Gaza is another Warsaw ghetto. Please support the boycott of War criminals worldwide as you identify them.

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